~ What’s always been is yet to be seen ~

Lin Fine Art paintings


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2022 Palma 1.0 showing painting «Calming Summer in Cannes» in the Casa del Arte Palma exhibition (24th October - 5th November 2022) on large 55’’ 4K screens integrated into the exhibition. See more at www.casadelartepalma.com

2021 September: Participating with 3 paintings; "L'Ombrelle", "Wisteria Sinensis" and "Escalier à Villefranche" in Monaco for the theme "Terrasses et jardins de la Riviera" durant "La Belle Époque" group exhibition by the Aiap Unesco in Monaco and ownership of the Ambassade of Italiy and Principality of Monaco. Proposed project by the interieur designers:Tullia et Paolo Canciani

2021 My paintings "Dreamworld" and "Notre-Dame" exposed on Artsper, (www.artsper.com

2021 Romantica – Shape of My Art, international art exhibition, M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milan, Italy (April 23rd – May 2nd) 2021 Exhibiting my painting "Dreamworld"

2020 Participated with the paintings "New Era" & "Les 4 Pigeons" at the Artbox.Project Zürich 2.0 on digital screen and also on Artsy

2019 Participated with the painting "Chez Moi" at the The Artbox.Project Miami 2.0 on digital screen

2019 Participated with the painting "Lac d'Or" at the The Artbox.Project Zürich 1.0 on digital screen

2018 Nord-Østerdalsutstillinga, Galleri Elgen – Tynset kulturhus, Tynset, Norway

2018 Hamar Kunstforening, Hamar, Norway, solo exhibition

2017 Innlandsutstillingen, Galleri Hamar kulturhus, Hamar, Norway, juried exhibition

2016 Christmas Exhibition, Bergstadens Hotel, Røros, Norway, group exhibition

2016 Røros Kunstformidling, Røros, Norway, group exhibition

2016 Bizarre, Monaco, modelling in the art video « Mermaid » by Marie-Aimée Tirole

2016 Member Exhibition, Hamar Kunstforening, Hamar, Norway, group exhibition

2016 Lin et Pranab, l'Espace d'Art, Monaco, solo exhibition together with father Asbjørn Petershagen

2016 Galleri Hamar kulturhus, Hamar, Norway, juried exhibition

2015 Became a member of Comité National Monégasque AIAP UNESCO and IAA

2013 Continentalartfair, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France, group exhibition

2012 Association des Jeunes Monégasque, Monaco, group exhibition

2012 Galleri Refset, Kirkenær, Norway, group exhibition

2011 Galleri 1912 - Framheim, Brumunddal, Norway, together with father Asbjørn Petershagen

2010 Alvdal togstasjon, Alvdal, Norway, together with father Asbjørn Petershagen

2009 Galleri Elgen – Tynset kulturhus, Tynset, Norway, solo exhibition

2009 Bifrost, Os i Østerdalen, Norway, group exhibition

2008 Summer Exhibition - 20 Years Anniversary, Galleri Elgen – Tynset kulturhus, Tynset, Norway, group exhibition

Philosophy/goal - Why invest in/support my art?

Like my father was once asked:

- «What is art?» (Someone asked)

He answered ; « Harmony. »

Till this day I could not agree more. This is what I aim to create, something uplifting that people can feel great looking at while sitting back and dreaming away into the paintings and associating it to their own stories in life, while being assured art works of quality. Read more in the « Personal Purpose of Art section »

"The art is about harmony, natural beauty, optimism, humanity and expansion of mind with great importance in the quality of how it's painted, with pittoresque brush strokes, the composition and colors.. It's generally a mix of realistic motives with consciously more abstracted surroundings, making it get a surrealistic, fresh and modern look with a timeless feel."

Personal Purpose of Art


«... Playing with contrasts, colors and composition is the main importance in these paintings. Working with acrylic is favorable for its quick time of drying, and to let the impulse flow as the current expression "wants" to be put on canvas. Inspiration comes from sounds, views and small things that are observed. Parts of photos are sometimes the basis used in the paintings by observation, but the personal style and choices around it plays a greater role, such as mentioned above. "Free effects" appear, and are sharpened by adding a covering color surface while saving parts of the contour lines. This combination between figurative realism and more abstract, almost surrealistic style, makes a sense of having two dimensions. The combination is an expression of the philosophic and sensible person inside.»

«What's always been, is yet to be seen.»

«Art itself, is timeless. Regardless of limiting yourself to a certain time epoch, or being expected to develop something new and shocking... It is about finding yourself in harmony, and being able to express that in a form of art. Using all inspiration and lessons in life to be returned in your own way. The “message” in the paintings does not necessarily have to be a political story from the news ... there is a reason why paintings are not written in words after all. Communication in other forms can speak for the soul in a different way … such as a melody, a color, the eyes of “Mona Lisa” or something we cannot quite put the finger on. It speaks in another language. A conscious choice of colors and composition put together with emotions in an advanced and devoted way with love, will let the paintings become alive ...»

«it will become art.»​



​LIN PETERSHAGEN - Fine Art artist

Lin Petershagen; a Swedish/Norwegian fine art artist, daughter of Norwegian artist, father; Asbjørn Petershagen (www.petershagen.no). Established artist living at the French Riviera with previous graduation in Art, Craft & Design and has since had exhibitions in Norway, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Mallorca, Miami, Milan, etc and has painted commissions for private collectors around the world.

Previous member of the Comité National Monégasque de l’Association

Internationale des Artes Plastiques Auprès de l’U.N.E.S.C.O , the International

Association of Art (IAA)

Has Art works in Private Collections such as : Palais Princier de Monaco, Os Trekultur Os Norway, Villa Saint Exupéry Nice, Magneten Pub & Scene in Oslo Norway. ​